miércoles, 13 de enero de 2010

Dear Heart:

I write to you in seek of answers, out of need, I long to find out how you came to this resolution, why do you ache now, why do you hang by a thread on her every word, how was it she broke through, we spent so much time building our defenses and we ended up having ourselves being controlled by that very thing, we avoided the subject for so long and now a question was answered, but to be honest I don't remember asking it, run and hide was our favorite game, we always enjoyed to admire her beauty from a distance, safely, we even tried so hard to learn her faces, her many smiles, her ways and little details everyone over looked, ooh.. How we love those small things, but like I said it makes no sense; I can't explain anything because I can't find it in me, I think back and search for what brought me here, now, like this, I always thought we could live away from feeling like this but now it feeds upon us, we let our selves go, no safety net this time, I ask of you please!! reply this I write you now, let me know how can I go about my days without having to long for her touch, her smile, for her to be within arms length.. Because now I can't, I wont be without her.

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